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Thursday, July 06, 2006

i don't know if anyone actually still bothers to check my blog, but if so, hi. i haven't written on here since september, apparently. i guess i just didn't have anything to say. but now, i am so incredibly bored, i need something to kill time.
due to the massive incompetence of new jersey politicians, i am currently out of work and without a paycheck. i am non-essential in the state's eyes, which is a huge boost to my ego, let me tell you. i thought time off from work would be nice, but i have NOTHING TO DO. nothing. except go to the movies alone and search for a job for september, when i am truly out of work. i can't even sign up for unemployment yet, because i haven't worked long enough.
the job search for the fall has not gone well. it's a little depressing. the whole idea of a clerkship is that it's supposed to help you get a job when it's over, but so far, it has not done that. the only position that i have been close to getting at this point has been insurance defense, which i don't want to do. i'm probably going to end up doing document review in the city, because there's just nothing else. sad.
i may start talking to a legal employment agency...i don't know. anyone have any advice?
aside from the job search, not much is going on. as discouraged as i am with looking for a job, i know things could be worse. i could be studying for the bar right now. i really thought i was going to be too. it is a huge relief to be finished with it.
so i had some scary moments with the new jersey bar. when i checked the website on the morning that the results were published, next to my number it said "held" instead of passed or failed. so i called the board of bar examiners, thinking maybe i had forgotten to send something to them. it turns out that they lost one of my essay answers. for anyone who has never taken the bar (smart people, in other words), if the board finds that you did not make a good faith effort to answer every question, you fail. so i was a little freaked out. and i knew i had answered the question. it was the hardest essay on the exam, and i knew it was my worst answer, but i did it. my judge wanted me to leave work and take my computer to trenton so they could search for the answer on my hard drive. i was really upset. but by the end of the day, they found the answer. apparently, there was an extra page break inserted after essay #3, so #4 was just a blank page. they didn't bother to look at the next page. they had already scored the rest of my exam, so i just had to wait a few extra days for them to grade the last one. it was the three longest days of my life.
so. i still have nothing to do. i may go to the movies again this afternoon. continue spending the money i'm not earning. sounds good.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

i'm back. i have been so busy at work, i haven't had time for anything else. i'm still working ten and twelve hour days, which sucks. but i haven't had to bring work home at all, which is really good. i'm just so tired. last night, i fell asleep at 9:30 and woke up about 9 this morning. and i'm still yawning.
i guess the job is getting better. i really do like all of the people that i work with. they're all really nice. even my judge is a really nice guy when it's not work-related.
on wednesday night, the atlantic county bar association held a dinner at a country club, and all of the clerks were invited so that we could be introduced at dinner. it's supposed to be a networking opportunity for us, especially at the cocktail hour, but how on earth are you supposed to do that? people are having conversations. i can't just walk up to a group of lawyers and butt in. that's definitely not me. so all of the clerks pretty much huddled together and tried to eat all the cheese off the buffet table. it was a very effective hour. my judge was complaining because he bought all the family clerks drinks but nikki was the only one to actually have alcohol. he said it was the first time he's ever been able to buy five drinks with a $10 bill and get change back. i got teased about that and the fact that i don't drink coffee all the next morning.
so i'm getting used to it. his yelling is a little easier to take and i've gotten better at making him yell less. i know that a lot of it is just him trying to make me a better lawyer, and if i become more thorough and careful because of him, then it's working.
so that's about it. i have absolutely nothing to discuss about my social life because it is basically non-existent. on wednesday night after the dinner, one of the equity clerks told us that a bunch of people were going to the anchorage in somer's point for drinks and wanted us to go too. we all looked at her like she was crazy. the family clerks have to be at work the earliest, we work the longest hours, and we all live at least an hour from the courthouse. none of us went.
oh, and i was almost on cnn last week! not doing anything, just walking into the courthouse. the vioxx trial is going on right now with judge higbee and there has been a massive amount of press outside. the first day was a little overwhelming to see all of the people, vans, cameras and whatnot, but it got old real fast. security in the courthouse is a lot tighter which means it takes longer for me to get in to work. i think this trial is supposed to go on another four weeks. the press has calmed down for now, but they'll be back in full force for closing arguments. i want to sit in on those.
so once vioxx finishes, the hrt trial will start, which is supposed to be just as big. at dinner on wednesday night, our assignment judge announced another mass tort that will be heard in ac but i can't remember which drug it was. there's nothing on the website about it. so anyway, watch the news for the vioxx and hrt trials and you might see me :)
i'm thinking about going back to bed.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

i went up to st. denis in havertown today. my choir was having a september 11 concert for victims of terror worldwide. there were readings from john paul ii interspersed with music throughout the beginning of the concert, and the second half they performed faure's requiem. the whole concert was absolutely beautiful. the choir and the orchestra were really really good to begin with, and the readings were perfect. i think it was the first tribute i've been to or seen since 9/11 that truly expressed what dealing with terrorism is about and acknowledged the fact that americans do not have the market cornered when it comes to terrorist attacks. it was about justice through forgiveness and it was really moving.
so i was glad i went. i realized how much i missed my parish and my choir and how much i want to go back when the clerkship is over. it's like home.
after the concert, there was a little reception and i talked to my deacon. i haven't seen him since i moved, which was almost three months ago. it was really nice to see him, but it made me a little sad too. if they're not married or gay, they're priests.
this has been a really good weekend. i brought a ton of work home but i spent less than an hour working on it. maria and chris called me on friday night and talked me into going up to immaculata and the pepper mill on saturday. and since i'm weak, i went. but i had a very good reason to be weak, because they had very good news. they're going to have a baby. they work really quickly. but even though they are having virtually no baby-less time together as a married couple, i'm really happy for them. they are the craziest people i know, and of all my friends, will make the best parents. i can only imagine what this child is going to be like (a puppy! with stripes!).
so it was a nice weekend. i forgot about work for a little while (sort of) and i slept in a little. so i should go to bed cause it's late and i have to start another crappy week of work early tomorrow morning.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

holy crap! look at this bug! it's like my worst nightmare. i hate centipedes.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

i talked to shannon again tonight. i had talked to her monday during the storm, and they were okay, but i hadn't been able to reach her since. they have their power back on and their house is basically okay. but steven's parents' house in pascagoula had to be gutted. it was flooded and they lost almost everything. shannon said that people are freaking out down there. while they were getting food yesterday, steven stayed in the car and he saw a man pull a samurai sword on another man after he hit his son. then that guy pulled a gun on the guy with the sword. and this is in mobile, where conditions are pretty good.
anyway, i'm sure that she'll post more about her blog eventually.

i started my job thursday. i had been training before that, but thursday was my first day as the new clerk, without the old clerk there. it's been kinda rough so far. my judge yelled at me within forty-five minutes of starting on thursday morning. he tends to do that and i know i just have to get used to it. it just wasn't a nice way to start the day thursday. i was nervous enough already. friday wasn't much better. there were numerous computer problems, and a major printer problem that developed in court friday morning. i do not like finding out that i have a computer problem when i'm already dealing with writing orders in court. it's hard enough as it is. my judge was nice about it though -- no yelling this time. otherwise, the day was just hectic and stress-filled. i didn't get home from work until after 9 last night and i brought all of my motions for next friday home with me. it's like twenty hours worth of work. i had no other way to get it done. i don't get paid enough for this.
i know it's going to get better, i just have to give it time. and it's not like i dont like it. everyone is really nice and i get along with the other clerks. i'm just stressed out right now. i'm sure i'll feel better about it all in a month.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

ooh, my birthday is a month away!



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