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Saturday, August 27, 2005

ooh, my birthday is a month away!

so i worked yesterday. it really wasn't so bad except for getting up at 5:30. i need to start going to bed earlier.
there is so much to learn at work. it was kinda freaking me out. i've been told several times that the judges really don't expect us to know what to do until december, but how does stuff get done in the meantime? i hate making mistakes, and it seems like that's my only option since i don't know anything. the only training they've given us has absolutely nothing to do with my job.
i'm glad it's the weekend. i have nothing planned and i think i'll keep it that way. maybe i'll go back to bed.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

today is my last official day with nothing to do. i start working tomorrow. i guess i had to grow up eventually, right? i don't wanna go :(
i actually already sort of started. we had a training day in trenton on tuesday. that was the most pointless training i've ever been to. most of it was to learn the ancient computer system that the nj courts use (ancient meaning 1983 -- yeah), but they didn't actually give us computers to train on. brilliant. tomorrow, i'm going to be shadowing drew, the current clerk, which seems kinda dumb to me, because that's all i did last summer. i don't really need to do that. then next week, i have three more days of training in new brunswick and ac, and i officially start on thursday. at least, that's when i can start earning money. cause i'm not getting paid for the rest of it. this sucks.
so i've been trying to enjoy my free time. i went down to baltimore for three days to visit chris and maria and i had a really good time. i learned to crochet, sort of. we saw the aristocrats, which was funny, but not quite as shocking as i had expected. we went down to dc to see a show on friday night, and we got lost numerous times in what might be the strangest building in washington. it made no sense whatsoever. which is why it was named after ronald reagan.
so today, i'm going to go shopping. i don't really have any money to spend so we'll see how much i accomplish.

Friday, August 19, 2005

i got my palm read tonight! i've never had that done before and it was kinda fun. breakfast at tiffany's was playing at a theater near gina so we decided to go see it, but we finished dinner early and needed something to do before the movie. so we noticed the psychic and decided to stop in. i'm going to marry once (to a tall dark-haired american) and have two children. ooh, and someone is admiring me from afar! gina's reading was actually really good. it was almost like she had been listening to our conversation earlier in the evening. kinda creepy.
anyway, obviously, i'm home from alabama. actually, i've been home a few days, but i just haven't felt like saying anything on here. i had a really good time at shannon's, of course. and the good news is that steven might possibly be getting a job in allentown, so they might move up here next year. yay! i would be so happy if shannon moved home. we'll see.
getting home took longer than i expected. my flight on sunday from pensacola to atlanta was canceled, and when i finally got to atlanta the next evening, my flight to philly was delayed. i was very frustrated by the time i got home. don't fly air tran! they suck!
so now i'm just trying to enjoy my last few days of freedom before my job starts next week. i'm going down to baltimore tomorrow to visit chris and maria for a few days. i suppose i should start packing. again.

Friday, August 05, 2005

i saw charlie and the chocolate factory today, which just helped to increase my love of tim burton and johnny depp. i can't wait for corpse bride to come out.
it's so late and i'm still not finished packing. i'm leaving for shannon's in the morning. yay! i should really get that packing finished.

from mystery:

Go to Google and put in “[My name] is” and cut & paste the first ten responses. Don’t click on the links, just cut & paste what shows up in the summaries. All responses should be in the form of “[My name] is...”

my responses:

lisa is jointly sponsored by the european space agency
lisa is a production-rule system implemented in the common lisp object system
lisa is 8-years-old
lisa is the first commercial computer with a gui
lisa is also playing hard
lisa is the preferred designer of baby shower favors
lisa is the premier organization for the localization and internationalization industry
lisa is flexible with many things, but not the accuracy of her books
lisa is not into complicated makeup
lisa is glum at the start of the episode, and disinterested even in the cupcakes

two references to the simpsons. interesting.

Monday, August 01, 2005

i feel like it's sunday night instead of monday night, for some reason.
i had my first day of work (sort of) today. i had to go to the courthouse for some human resources stuff, and then meet the outgoing clerk to go over a few things. only half the clerks were at the meeting today since there's another meeting next monday. i wasn't crazy about a few of them, but those people are all in different courthouses. there were two really nice people, and they're both in atlantic city with me. one really nice girl is in family part with me. i was happy to hear that. before the meeting started, we were all talking about the bar, of course. it turns out that we were all pretty much at both valley forge and somerset last week. i guess that's not so strange, but it just seemed weird to be meeting them all for the first time, even though we spent three days together last week.
anyway, i filled out about a thousand forms while i was at the meeting, and got a lot of information about my health insurance. yay for health insurance!
i also met with drew, the outgoing clerk for judge segal and went over some computer programs with him. when i interned last summer, lauren never really got around to teaching me some of the programs, and they aren't exactly user friendly. we also took a little tour of the courthouse, which was totally unnecessary, since i know where everything is, and i said hello to a bunch of people that i haven't seen since last summer. that was nice. good stuff.
oh, and i found out that since judge segal is retiring february 1 (not february 28, like i originally thought), they're making judge baker presiding judge as of september 1, so they don't have to change everything in the middle of the year. this affects me not at all, but i'm a little disappointed not to be clerking for the presiding judge now. i feel like i was demoted. although, it would just have happened in february when the new judge comes anyway.
so the day went well. i'm trying to get myself in the mindset of working. the hr meeting was freaking me out a little bit because we talked about pensions and 401(k)s and other stuff that only grown-ups are supposed to talk about. when the hell did i become an adult?
things have been a little rough at home the last few weeks. grandpop (my step-dad's dad) was diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer two weeks ago. he's going to start chemo this wednesday, but it's not expected to do much but possibly give him a few more months. my step-dad has been a total wreck about all of it. i've never seen him so depressed. i'm not really sure what to say to him so we just haven't really been talking about it.
the thing that has been bugging me about the whole situation has been most people's reaction to the news when i tell them. as soon as i tell someone that he has lung cancer, they say, "oh, that's a shame...but he was a smoker, right?" because, you know, if he smoked, he deserves to die a horrible death. and i've never exactly been one to defend smokers, but come on. and, for the record, he's not a smoker.
anyway...i'm trying to enjoy the rest of my summer. i'm taking my cousins to see phantom of the opera in new york on wednesday night. they both seem really excited about it. and then friday, i'm leaving for mobile to visit shannon for ten days. when i get back, i'll have to really start thinking about work. yay.



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